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Subaru Impreza with WRC body kit

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STi with conversion

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Zerosports '06 STI conversion


Stance's infamous STI.

Horsepower(stock/max) 300/582
Torque(stock/max) 300/400 (392 if its fitted with turbo that makes your HP 580+)


Price $28,000
Unlock Street Racer
Conversions 2006+ GDB Type III front end conversion (Hawk eye) and Zerosports bodykit for GDB Type III
Description World renowned for it's dominance in the WRC, the STi exemplifies OEM performance tuning


WR Blue Mica, Obsidian Black pearl, Satin White, Platinum Silver
Verdict Has potential but mostly a show car but expect the Cusco WBK to improve the car a lot
Drag Best Time 10.182
Track Best Time (with Cusco WBK)
Endurance Best Time 1:10'56.96

Engine Horozontally Opposed Turbocharged Flat Four (Boxer)
Horse Power (stock) 300
Pistons 4
Engine Name EJ25(EJ20 for Japan spec the number specifies displacement 25 for 2.5L and 20 for 2.0L)

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Cusco Dunlop Impreza Wide Body