to the Elite Racer’s Association, or ERA. Formerly known as New Era, and before that, Elite Race Team. We are, and always have been, the most exclusive crew in vDream.

Known as the ORIGINAL vDream race team. We Ran the first tournament and pioneered the formula that all other teams tend to follow.

We are the home of many well-known and active users. Our members range from Designers to Moderators, Leaderboard top 100’s to the Leaderboard number one, Sven Negrassus.

How our team works:Edit

Our Crew is organized into three rosters

- the Legend’s roster, open to those members who have gone where only few have gone before, and reached the insane rank of Hall of Famer. Team tag is a must.

- the Veteran’s roster, which requires our crew tag, must be Master of vDream or higher, a maxed supercar, and an impressive vDream resume.

- and an Official Member’s roster, open to anyone 50,000 VDI or higher.

We welcome and encourage any user aspiring to join our team to post here and show us who you are and what you have to offer…or just have some friendly chat with those who are considered “veterans” of vDream.

THE OFFICIAL TEAM TAG: [⚜∈ra⚜] Brackets and symbols/boxes included.

If you are currently a member and are no longer active(some exceptions will be made) your name will now appear under the corresponding roster for inactive users. Along with a date next to your name stating when you were placed there. If your name is there for more than one month, you will be removed from the roster completely(unless you post in the applicants thread letting us know your still here). You can always rejoin!

Welcome all, and thank you all for your ongoing support!


Facebook: ♕Elite Racer’s Association♕ Applicants Thread

Bebo: ♕Elite Racer’s Association♕ Applicants Thread

Please note: If you post in our main thread asking to join you will simply be ignored/directed to the applicants thread.