Veilside fortune rx-7

Veilside fortune RX-7 WBK

|} This is the best car for those in Street Racer level. Its performance can give those in SR level a good win ratio, and earn a huge amount of vDollars for future purchases, especially until Professional rank to level up to the Porsche 911 GT3.


Torque (stock/max) 217ft-lbs/375ft-lbs
Weight (stock/ lightest) 2,826lbs/?
Creator Paid Artists
WideBodyKits Fortune Widebody Kit VeilSide& RA Widebody Replica Kit Re Amemiya
Price $30,000
Unlock Level Street racer
Conversions N/A
Description Mazda's famous twin-turbo sports car of the nineties, utilizing the Wankel Rotary to its max.
Colors (wbk colours)

Blaze Red, Brilliant Black , Chaste White, Montego Blue Mica, Silver Stone Metallic...(Sunburst Yellow,Sunset Purple, Blaze Orange, Blaze Orange W/black, Chaste White W/black, Montego Blue Mica W/black, Silverstone Metallic W/black, Sunset Yellow W/black, Blaze Red W/black & Sunset Purple W/black

Cost (Stock/Max)

Timings (Drag Track Endurance)

Drag 9.919 secs

Track 48.869 secs

Endurance 01:06’44.99 (100+ friends)

Engine Rotary
Horsepower (stock) 255
Pistons NA
Engine Name 13B