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Monster Mafia LP-640 SV


Monster Mafia Racing is a team which focus’s on the Monster racing scene. Here on vDream we design our cars in this way, promoting the people that have been sponsored by it such as Travis Pastrana, Ken Block, Robbie Madison etc. Oh, and not forgetting the delicious and amazing taste of monster itself.

Rules and regulationsEdit

  1. Have a monster themed car (such as black with green wheels)
  2. Be 6,500vdi at the least
  3. No spam or flame wars please, punishment will be in order
  4. Must be active, if not active for a week you will be removed from the roster
  5. Please don’t post cars which are not monster themed, unless a brand new car you must brag about
  6. Must commute often to our different events, such as car shows and tourneys etc.

, If your playing VDream from another Social site (Myspace & Bebo) Just Post into the Forum Thread >

Team Founders & AdminsEdit

Chris (Chris Track ninja (M.Mafia)(r.r.) (Team Founder)

ωιgєяz [wrxw] {phra} [⚜∈ra⚜] "nd

'William Pierce (Bill Pierce (r.r.)) (Tourney Coordinator and MMR Artist)'

Calvin Chen (Blackout) (MMR Wiki editor)

Ryan Hoad (Klutch Ssz) (Car Show Coordinator & Car Town Tourney Coordinator)


Wills Z32

Danny (Danny Shadows (r.r.))

(R.I.P VDream Brothers)

"setting record lap times in the race track in the sky"

Danny Tribute

Danny Shadows Tribute Poster (R.I.P)

Official Team MembersEdit

Imuponu ♛jdm¤kings♛ [●hpi]

Skylinz Ssz

Marco garcia. ssz. [★h.i.n] jdm¤king♛

Dark void Ssz

Ma70jake (r.r. h.p.i)

The Wallaby[₪junkie₪]

Wutdafunk [ssz]

P.h.drift nismogtr


Kamikuazi Racer!!!!!!

Stryker trn

Skylar kerns

Team Alliances:


Team Ravenous

Ralliart Racing

Team Evolution

Team Model and Posters:

Thanks to Bill Pierce for editing a few Yoko Ritona pics to make this possible....


Anime Yoko
Yoko tattoo2
32520 1447140652440 1050881633 1318240 2501409 n