Sanni Sora

Stock Cherry Red Sora

Sanni Sora 2

Stock Sandstone Beige Sora

One of the beginner cars in the entire vDream app, this car has a huge amount of virtual parts.It handles decently along the races, perfect for beginners. It still has parts based on the vehicle itself and also on the conversions.
2tone s13wbk

6666 customs (TRA-Kyoto) S13 WBK


155 HP/?
Torque (stock/max) 160 ft-lbs/?
Weight (stock/ lightest) 2,795 lbs/?
Creator Paid Artists
WideBodyKits (price) 6666 Custom TRA-kyoto WBK (v$26000)
Price $21,000
Unlock Level Licensed
Conversions Sileighty conversion, S14 conversion

This RWD hatch has become popular recently with its ease of mods and its prowess for drifting. You found a pristine Sora with a new engine!

Colors (wbk colours) Cherry Red, Super Black (S13), Misty Blue, Sandstone Beige, Super White (S13) (Lightning Yellow, Cherry Red, Super Black(S13), Misty Blue, Sandstone Beige, Super White(S13))

Cost (Stock/Max)

Timings (Drag Track Endurance)

Horsepower (stock)
Engine Name


  • Due to licensing issues, the car was renamed Sanni Sora.