Skylinz's R390(me)Edit

(sanni 550lm lm racing aero kit livery #33)

Based on the Nissan R390 GT1 Road Car

Horsepower (stock/max)


Torque (Stock/max)

471 ft-lbs/571 ft-lbs

Weight (stock/lightest)

2,420 Lbs/21xx lbs


Patrick D
Widebodykit -
Price $1,500,000
Unlock Level F1 Pilot
Conversion LM racing aero kit($300,000)
Description A De-Tuned Le Mans racecar, only 2 were ever made, and one is in a Sanni Museum.
Colors (aero kit colours) Blue (Lm r390 #31 , LM r390 #32 , LM r390 #33)

Drag : 8.75 sec

Track : 40.680 sec (with aerokit)

Enduro : 49'34 min

Price to max it $2,000,000. includes car.

Nissian R390Edit