Street Speedz is a team based on JDM cars


1)To be in Official list you need to be Club Racer

2)You must own At Least 2 of the Japan cars.

3)To join you must be active atleast 1 week in the thread to become a rookie or official member

4)Plz dont talk too much about other cars than japan!

5)NO fighting or spamming in this thread! or else your gonna be banned to join the team!Edit

6) If your not active for a week except if your busy holiday or some stuff , you will be in the unactive list , if still not on for 1 week , you will be out but still can reapply

OPTIONAL add SSZ on your name.If you have A free name change , it is RECOMMENDED.

Post your 3 car to be posted at your name if you want.

Thats all if you want to join. this team will have no members limit

Also you can have as many accounts as you want , but only your MAIN account will be on the list.


1. Skylinz Ssz [owner]

2. Gojira Fx [co-owner]

3. ryo Watanabe (ssz) [team moderator]

4.Zoosy de necromonger [team engineer, tourney organiser]

5. Matz Ang [team moderator

6.Emperor Drift [team moderator, car show organiser]

7.Munkeywurks noypi [team moderator] Hayabusa [team moderator]


Kyle W

Svein Storeide ssz

Erybodi lookn ssz


Gvk [ssz]

Dark Galz

Rafael Gomes

Anakino SSZ

Revved Up

Nissanz Gtr

Esata SSZ

James SSZ

Ricky [ssz] Sharma

Wutdafunk [ssz]

Klutch Ssz

Lorenzo Llanes

Lorenz Palma

Big Shady

Janika600 SSZ

Deviant Z

Droo Bloo (ssz)

Lines (wrti) (beet)

Jason Vincent

ÐØñ Ø$¢@® [★h.i.n]

Marco garcia. ssz. [★h.i.n] jdm¤king♛

Vishnu M.

Johnroy Riego de dios

Rafael Gomes

Joey Delgado ssz

Chris Track ninja (m.mafia)(r.r.)


Streetspeedz Facebook Page

Streetspeedz Car show thread

Necromonger Tuning(JDM cars best setup thread)


JDM King


Gran Turismo Racer