Toyota Levin GT-V AE86 rq

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Team Ae86 is a team for people who has a ae86.


The requirements to join are 200 posts and 3,000 VDI. In you do not have this you can enter into a probation status and exceptions will be made. There is a post a week requirement to remain a team member.


1) Ashley (Team Leader)

2) Reign Supreme

3) Brandun Gana

4) David Mutchler

86) Panda Apex (yes #86, not a typo)

5) Pan Pizza

6) John S

7) mitch rambo

8) Japan Luver

9) The Stance [∈ra]

10) David Mitchell

11) Blackout

12) Jdm only

13) Shaik Irfan

14) Srt 10

15) [redraven]

16) Thanos s.™

17) Marco garcia. ssz. [★h.i.n] jdm¤king♛

18) 69 camaro yenko

19) Skylar Kerns{ssz)

20) Chris Track ninja (m.mafia)(r.r.)

21) Däniël Stuttgart®[noypi]

22) Danny Shadows(r.r.)

23) ÐØñ Ø$¢@® [★h.i.n]

24) [osr] r-a-i-n jdm¤king♛

25) Jay Soh tsu chung

All About the Hachi-Roku

While the AE86 Hachi-Roku is not the fastest car on vDream Racing, the car does have a some dedicated followers. Started by Ashley, the team quickly grew into the only premier crew that glorifies this three-door hot-hatch. Although the team is mostly a social one, tournaments and car shows occur just about every month or two usually staring, take a guess? The AE86 Trueno.

The car itself on vDream usually tops at 216 BHP and can achieve lap times between 55 seconds and a bit over a minute! Quite fast for a car with low power!